New Product Release: 1080P HD Smartphone Charging Dock Hidden Camera

When you need a hidden camera to monitor your home or business, our new 1080P HD Charger Dock Hidden Camera is the perfect device for the job. It looks and functions like an ordinary charger dock (and it is available in both iPhone and Android charger styles).

What makes this device unique is that it records stunning HD video, and the camera lens is hidden behind the smoked glass front of the charing dock – there is no visible pinhole, making this device extremely covert. No one will know that it is actually a hidden camera even if they pick it up and look at it.

The charger dock camera is available in two models – a self recording model, and a WiFi/Internet-streaming model.

Self-Recording Charger Dock (Model HC430)

“Self recording” simply means that the device is an all-in-one hidden camera that records to a micro SD memory card. It’s easy to set up – just insert a memory card, plug the device into power, and it’s ready to go.

With the self-recording version of the charger dock camera, video can be recorded in either motion-activated or continuous recording modes. In motion activated mode, the camera will only record when motion is detected nearby. This conserves memory card space, and you’ll spend less time scrolling through videos. In continuous recording mode, the camera will record 24/7 regardless of motion.

Turning the camera on and off is simple using the included remote control. You can easily power the camera on or off, as well as select which recording mode you want.

When you’re ready to play back your videos, simply remove the memory card and insert it into your PC or Mac computer for playback. For best performance, we recommend using VLC Media Player (a free download for PC and Mac).

WiFi/Internet Streaming Charger Dock (Model HC430w)

If you want the ability to see live video from your hidden camera, the WiFi streaming version allows you to do just that. The HC430w Internet Streaming Version of the dock camera allows you to see what’s going on in your home or office right on your smartphone.

To use the WiFi model, you simply connect the device to your wireless network using our free streaming app. You’ll then be able to monitor your home or office from anywhere in the world!

In addition to live streaming, you can also set up the camera to record motion activated video to a hidden SD card, so in case you didn’t see something happen live, you can always go back and watch the video later.

So in conclusion, no matter where you need covert video surveillance, the HD Docking Station Hidden Camera will provide you with the best quality video available in a hidden camera. Check out the two models on our store here:

HC430 Self Recording 1080P HD Charger Dock Hidden Camera

HC430w WiFi Streaming HD Charger Dock Hidden Camera



New Release: VR200 Miniature Covert Audio Recorder LED Flashlight with Magnet Mount

VR200 Audio Recorder in HandToday we’re excited to introduce the newest addition to our line of audio recorders, the VR200 Audio Recorder LED Flashlight. This recorder is cleverly disguised as an ordinary and fully functional LED light, but inside is a powerful voice-activated microphone that can record for up to 60 days on a single charge.

Just like it’s predecessor the VR100, this recorder features a high capacity internal rechargeable battery. You’ll be able to get up to 135 hours of recording on a full charge – longer than any other recorder its size. This allows for long term audio recordings – perfect for any situation, including recording meetings, lectures, sales presentations, and much more.

Operating this audio recorder is simple – there is just one button on the device. Not only does this make using the audio recorder easy, but it also helps it hide in plain sight, as no one will know what the device really is.

The heavy duty magnetic mount on the back of the recorder allows you to attach it almost anywhere – to a chair, a desk, or even inside your vehicle.

Audio files are recorded in voice activation mode – which means it will only record when audio is detected nearby – within about 20 or so feet. You can adjust the sensitivity to your particular needs as well.

Your recorded audio is saved to 8GB of internal memory, which can hold between 96 and 580 hours of recordings, depending on the audio quality settings you desire. The device can hold up to 96 hours of HQ audio, 290 hours of medium quality, and 580 hours of standard quality recordings.

When you’re ready to listen to your recordings, just connect the device to your computer via the included USB cable:

VR200 Audio Recorder


You can then browse your recorded audio files easily, listen to recordings, copy them to your computer, email them, or simply delete them if they’re no longer needed:

VR200 Audio Files


No matter what your audio recording needs, the VR200 Miniature Audio Recorder LED Light with Long Life Battery is a powerful voice activated recording device perfect for any situation. It is available now for only $99.00.


SpygearGadgets Exclusive New 1080P HD Miniature Black Box Hidden Camera

Today we’re featuring a recent hot new release that you’ll only find at SpygearGadgets, the 1080P HD Professional Grade Mini Black Box Hidden Camera (Model SG-HC450):HD Black Box Hidden CameraAt only 2.3″ x 3.8″ x 0.8″ small, we’ve designed the 1080P HD Black Box DIY Hidden Camera to be able to fit into any covert video surveillance situation. It’s simple black box design allows you to either leave it out in plain sight, or to hide it inside an ordinary object like a box or a plant.

The HD Black Box Camera is available in both self-recording version that records to a memory card, and a WiFi streaming version, which will stream live HD video directly to your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Both the self-recording and WiFi models feature a high capacity internal rechargeable battery, allowing you to place the camera anywhere you need it. The battery can get up to 7-8 hours of recording or streaming. For longer term use, you can leave the camera plugged into AC power for round-the-clock surveillance.

In addition to providing crystal clear video and audio, the camera also offers many different customizable settings such as dual recording modes (motion activated or continuous), a time/date stamp, adjustable video quality, and auto loop recording.

Because of it’s small size, the possibilities for hiding this camera are almost endless:


So whether you’re looking for a hidden camera to monitor your home, office, babysitter, nanny, car, warehouse, or just to catch a cheater, check out the new 1080P HD Black Box Hidden Camera by SpygearGadgets.

Now available in both a self recording model and WiFi streaming model starting at $125.



Upgrade to Our Popular USB Flash Drive Audio Recorder is Now Here!

Over the last few years, our top selling voice recorder has been a device that looks like a USB flash drive, but features a built in microphone and internal battery, allowing for up to 25 days of operation on a single charge.

Brand new for 2016, we’re excited to introduce the updated model of this recorder, the all new upgraded Professional Grade Voice Activated USB Flash Drive Audio Recorder with Long Life Battery (Model VR95):

Voice Recorder Flash Drive

We’ve taken the best features from the previous model, and integrated into this new version, and added several new features, making it the most powerful covert recorder on the market!

Using this spy audio recorder is simple. It’s powered by an internal rechargeable battery, so you can take it and place it wherever you need it. Just charge it via your computer’s USB port (or optional wall charger or car charger), and when you’re ready to record, slide the dial on the end of the device to your desired recording mode.

You can choose between either voice activated or continuous recording modes, giving you the ability to get the perfect recording mode for any situation.

With the VR95, you can easily record meetings, lectures, presentations, or just take audio notes on the go.

Check out the features:

VR95 Features:


Dual Recording Modes – Just like it’s predecessor, the VR95 can record in both continuous recording mode, as well as voice activated mode. In continuous recording mode, the device will record continuously until either the battery is exhausted or it is turned off.

Up to 25 Day Standby Battery Life – Also like the previous version, the VR95 can get up to 25 days of standby battery life in voice activation mode – the longest of any flash drive recorder on the market!

Records While Plugged In – If you don’t want to worry about battery life, no problem! The VR95 audio recorder can also record while it is plugged into a power source, such as  your computer’s USB port, or a USB wall charger.

**NEW** Up to 24 Hours Continuous Recording – The VR95 extends the battery life from 15 to up to 24 hours of continuous recording, a more than 50% increase in battery life!

**NEW** Matte Black Style – Previously we offered both a white and dark grey style for the flash drive – and due to popular request, the VR95 comes in a matte black finish, making it blend in even better, and look even more like traditional style USB flash drives.

**NEW** Time/Date Stamp Capability – This is by far the most frequently requested feature, and now it’s here! Included with the recorder is a time setting app, which allows you to quickly set the date/time for the recordings, so you’ll always know when your audio files are recorded. Perfect for evidence and record keeping.

As you can see from the features above, the VR95 is packed with features, and at only $89.00, this affordable audio recorder is perfect for any situation – home or business.

Check it out and learn more at the product page:


Hot New Release: 1080P Full HD AC Adapter USB Wall Charger Hidden Camera

We’ve carried several different models of AC adapter and USB wall charger hidden cameras over the years, and our newest model is by far the best on the market, at an amazing price.

The 1080P Full HD Motion Activated AC Adapter Camera comes in two versions – a self recording version (that records to a memory card), and a WiFi version that connects to your wireless network in your home or business, and allows you to stream live right to your iPhone or Android phone, or even your favorite tablet.

Upward Viewing Angle

Most adapter cameras feature a “straight out” viewing angle that works well for counter-height viewing, but isn’t ideal for floor-level outlets. This new model solves that by featuring a 15 degree upward viewing angle.

By having the pinhole camera lens facing slightly upwards, it can capture much more of the room within a close range of the camera, which means you can capture faces just a few feet away from the camera:

AC Adapter Camera Upwards Viewing Angle

Easy to Use Operation

Unlike many hidden cameras that require a complicated setup, these hidden cameras are ready to go out of the box. The only thing you’ll need is a memory card to record your video. The self-recording version takes up to a 128GB micro SD card, while the WiFi streaming version accepts up to a 64GB card.

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New Product Spotlight: 1080P HD WiFi AC Adapter Hidden Camera

ac-adapter-spy-cameraWe’re excited to announce the newest lineup to our internet-streaming hidden cameras, the 1080P HD WiFi AC Adapter Hidden Camera.

This ordinary looking AC Adapter is the perfect hidden camera, because adapters are so common these days. Place it in your living room, kitchen, office, business, retail store, even a warehouse or garage. No one will ever suspect that there is a powerful HD camera inside.

Video from the AC Adapter Camera streams wirelessly to your smartphone. We offer a free app for both iPhone and Android phones.

And unlike most live streaming home security cameras, there are never any monthly fees to view or record your video!

Setting up the camera is simple too, and requires to complicated network or router configurations like most internet-streaming hidden cameras. Our exclusive 5-minute setup process is completed right on your smartphone.

The setup process is simple:

  1. Download and install the app
  2. Scan the QR code on the camera
  3. Select your WiFi network
  4. View your live video

It’s just that easy. Your video is password protected, so no one will have access to the video except you (or someone that you provide the login information to, like a friend or spouse).

Once your camera is set up and running, you can easily view your video, even view multiple cameras in different rooms.

In addition to viewing your video live, you can also record motion-activated video to a micro SD card hidden inside the camera. This way, you’ll be able to record when motion is detected, so if something happens when you’re not around, you’ll still be able to see. It’s the perfect home security camera, or to use as a nanny cam to watch your babysitter while you’re at work.

So if you’re ready to monitor your home or office quickly and easily with no monthly fees, check out the 1080P HD WiFi AC Adapter Hidden Camera. And if you ever have any questions about setup or using your camera, we offer lifetime technical support from our product experts right here in the USA.



Hidden Cameras Upgraded to 720P HD Resolution

720P HD Hidden Cameras

Great news! We’ve recently upgraded over 30 of our popular hidden cameras to 720P HD resolution. Previously, we offered only high resolution and D1 resolution options for many of our hidden cameras that are made right here in the USA.

What makes this upgrade even more exciting is that there is no price increase on any of our new 720P HD hidden cameras. The cameras are the same price (and some even lower), but the quality got better – a win win situation!

We take common and ordinary items, such as smoke detectors, alarm clocks, iPod docking stations, and even tissue boxes, and install pinhole cameras and DVR boards inside them. Because these are ordinary items that you would find any retail store, they blend in perfectly with your home or office.

Here are just a few of our cameras that now feature 720P HD recording:
(see bottom of this post for a full list).

720P HD Hidden Cameras

In addition to upgrading the camera to 720P HD, we’ve also added some additional features:

Adjustable Recording Modes

Before today, these cameras were only motion-activated. But based on feedback from our customers, many of them also wanted the option to record continuously, regardless if there is activity or not.[ Continue Reading… ]

Illinois Moves One Stop Closer to Putting “Granny Cam” Law on the Books

Granny Cam

The state of Illinois moved one step closer to allowing families to place hidden cameras or “granny cams” in nursing homes and assisted living facilities to monitor their loved ones.

The bill passed by a narrow margin in both the House and State Senate, and now head’s to Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner’s desk for approval. If he signs the bill and it becomes law, it would require that families pay for the cost of the camera, as well as for internet access so that they can monitor the camera’s in real time.

While this law details out the requirements for internet-streaming hidden cameras, it does not mention anything specific about self-recording hidden cameras, which do not stream over the internet, nor use an internet connection to operate.

If the bill becomes law, it will also require that signs be posted at the entrances of the nursing home/assisted living centers, as well as the individual resident’s rooms, so that visitors and hospital staff can be aware the video recording may be taking place.

Currently, it is legal for families to install hidden cameras to monitor their loved ones, but with several stipulations:

First, if a camera is located in a shared room, such as one that is shared with another roommate or resident, the other resident must be aware of it’s use. Also, the camera can stream video-only. Audio recording is not permitted with a hidden camera.

Until now, it has been up to the discretion of the living facility if hidden cameras are allowed or not. If the governor signs this bill into law, facilities would face fines if they deny a legitimate request from a resident to install a camera in his or her room.

Laws like this are important, as Illinois saw over 100 reported cases of neglect, abuse, or financial exploitation of senior citizens living in assisted care facilities.

According to CBS affiliate KMOX, the governor did not give his official position on the bill, nor did his office provide an indication on whether or not he will sign the bill into law.

Sample Video from Our Latest Hidden Cameras

We’ve been busy bringing you several new hidden cameras this year! Here are some sample video from some of these new spy cameras:

1. 720P HD Coffee Cup Lid Hidden Spy Camera

Coffee Cup Lid Hidden Spy CameraThis hidden camera does an amazing job of hiding right in plain sight. The camera itself is inside the coffee lid. Even looking directly at it you’d have a hard time locating the lens.

Video is recorded to a micro SD card (up to 32GB capacity) hidden inside the lid, and can be played back on any PC or Mac computer.

Video can be recorded continuously, or using motion-detection. Check out the video sample: 

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XtremeLife Hidden Cameras Get an Upgrade!

XtremeLife Hidden Cameraas

Our XtremeLife line of hidden cameras feature some of the longest life batteries on the market, making them perfect for long-term covert surveillance.

These hidden cameras feature “body heat” motion activation, which gives the cameras a long standby battery life. This previously enables the camera to be in motion detection mode for up to 30 days, with up to 8 hours of recording.[ Continue Reading… ]