16 Alleged Members of Hacker Group Anonymous Arrested

Multiple news organizations are reporting that the FBI has began arresting members of the hacker group Anonymous throughout the country, including in Florida, California, New Jersey, and New York. Up to 16 people have been arrested so far, but with 30 total warrants issued, it’s likely the number of people arrested will climb as the FBI closes in on the other suspected hackers.

With ages ranging from 22 years old to 42 years old, the individuals arrested are allegedly connected with the “hacktivist” group Anonymous, which is responsible for attacking dozens of major corporations websites, including Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, and even the FBI’s site.

With a loosely-based organization, FBI agents have had a difficult time tracking down members of the group, because of its decentralized nature. However, with a joint task-force effort, Tuesday’s raids not only arrested at least 16 members, but also confiscated their computer equipment and files, which will likely lead to other members of the group.

According to reports, the Metropolitan Police Service in the United Kingdom also arrested someone and the Dutch National Police Agency also arrested four people connected to recent cybercrimes.

Officials hope that these arrests will not only lead to further arrests of other members, but will also help serve as a deterrent for people who participate in cyber attacks against corporations throughout the world.

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