Find ANY Hidden Camera that is Watching You with the Multifunctional Hidden Camera Detector

In today’s society, it’s all too common to hear stories about people placing hidden cameras in places where they should never be placed. Tanning beds, dressing rooms, hotel rooms, and even Starbucks restrooms are all places that cameras have been illegally placed, violating the privacy of citizens who would never expect to be recorded on camera.

While this is an unfortunate occurrence, there is one way to protect yourself against all types of hidden cameras – whether they are wired or wireless, cell phone cameras, or even a tiny pinhole camera.

The Multifunctional Hidden Camera Detector is a portable device that allows you to quickly and easily scan any room to detect if a hidden camera is present. The camera finder works by using a high-powered infrared light to reflect off the camera lens – even if the lens is the size of the tip of a pen!

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