Protect Your Yard with the Outdoor Rock Camera with Night Vision

It’s happened to everyone (or someone you know) at least once – you are getting ready for bed at night, turning off all the lights, and everything is exactly as you left it, both indoors and outdoors. But when you wake up, you look outside, and see that something isn’t right.

Your car was vandalized. Mailbox knocked over. A window was broken. Maybe there is spray paint all over your garage door, or your $500 antique bird bath has disappeared from your front yard.

The first question that comes to your mind…who the heck did this?

Most homeowners will be left scratching their head, because without some type of video surveillance, chances are the perpetrator will never get caught. And even if you know who it might be (that rowdy kid next door), without any evidence, there’s not much that can be done.

That’s where out Outdoor Rock Hidden Camera will save the day.

This amazing piece of technology looks like an ordinary rock, but inside has a powerful motion-activated camera that not only features a long-life battery that can last up to a YEAR on a single battery charge, but it also has NIGHT VISION, meaning that even when someone sneaks into your yard at night, you can still catch them on video!

The Outdoor Rock Hidden Camera is a completely self-contained camera and DVR system that records video to a secret SD card slot hidden inside the rock. Playing back your video is easy, just remove the SD card, and pop it into your computer. You can even connect the Rock Camera directly to your TV to play back the high-resolution video right on your television!

You can even change the recording settings to your exact specifications while the camera is connected to your TV! Change the video resolution, motion detection settings, and even change which parts of the “motion grid” of the camera’s field of view will trigger recording! This allows you to completely customize recording to your paritcular needs.

For more information about the Outdoor Hidden Camera Rock, check out the product page. For a limited time, you can even get Free 2-Day FedEx shipping at checkout!


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