Starbucks Sued for Hidden Camera Found in Bathroom

Hidden cameras are designed and intended for lawful and legal purposes – as nanny cameras, home security and protection, and business security. But unfortunately, there are sometimes those people who use hidden cameras not to catch others breaking the law, but to break the law themselves..

In Washington, DC, a father recently was alerted by his daughter using a unisex Starbucks bathroom that she saw a camera under the sink. When the father investigated, he found out that not only was there a camera, but it was on, and recording.

The father alerted store employees, who quickly called the police, who promptly removed the camera, and began investigating. At the time of the story, it is uncertain how long the camera had been in place, and whether it had captured any other people on camera.

While stories like this have become increasingly common, we always recommend that when in an unfamiliar place like a public restroom or dressing room, to do a quick visual scan of the room. You can also use a device like a hidden camera detector to help look for cameras.

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