Customer FAQ Answered: What Video Player Should I Use to Watch Playback from my New Hidden Camera?

One of the questions we often get from customers is “What video player is best for playing back the videos from my new hidden camera?”

Most computers have default media players such as Windows Media Player or Quicktime, but these don’t always result in the best playback, and unless you keep your computer up-to-date with all the latest video codecs, they might not play some video files in some of the newest hidden cameras.

To solve this, we recommend downloading VLC Media Player, a free download media player that can play virtually every type of video file. The nice thing about VLC Media Player is not only does it work on both PC and Macintosh systems, but it includes all the video codecs you need to play virtually every video file on the market.

So no matter if you are looking to play videos from your keychain mini spy camera, or watch playback from your all-in-one self-recording nanny cam, we recommend downloading VLC Media Player for all of your video playback needs. And it’s free – so you can’t beat the price either!

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