iPhone Charger or Hidden Spy Camera? It’s Both!

iCharger Hidden Spy Camera

Our hottest new release looks like an ordinary iPhone, iPad, or iPod charger, but inside is actually a powerful hidden camera!

The iCharger Motion Activated Hidden Camera is a professional grade hidden camera with built-in DVR (and it works as a fully-functional charger too!)

Using the iCharger Hidden Camera is simple – just plug it into a power outlet, insert an SD card into the hidden card slot, and the camera is ready to go.

The iCharger Hidden Camera is a professional-grade recording device built with the highest quality components, so you’ll know you’ll get the highest quality in hidden camera technology.

The advanced recording functions allow you to change between motion-activated or continuous recording modes, add a time/date stamp to your video, and even use the included cables to view the playback right on your TV! Video is recorded to a hidden SD card with up to 32GB capacity, so you can get 20+ hours of recording on a single card.

The iCharger Motion Activated Hidden Camera is available now for only $395.


  1. says

    Wow, it’s barely noticeable at all! I’m not sure who I would be hoping to catch with this, though – possibly the kids to see if they are going through my things?!

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