The World’s Most Covert Hidden Audio Recorder: Now Available in 3 Sizes!

One of our most covert digital voice recorders looks like a regular USB flash drive, but inside is actually a powerful microphone that allows you to easily record your conversations and meetings with the flip of a switch!

Using the USB Micro Audio Voice Recorder is simple:

  1. Connect the drive to your computer’s USB port to charge
  2. When fully charged, remove from your computer
  3. Whenever you want to record, slide the switch “ON”

To listen to your voice recordings, simply re-insert the flash drive back into your computer (Windows or Macintosh), and double click the files to play! It’s just that easy.

You can even keep all of your important documents on the flash drive as well, just like a regular flash drive! Take important photos, office documents, presentations, music, or anything you want with you on this device.

We now offer the USB Micro Audio Voice Recorder Flash Drive in 3 Capacities:

  • 2GB (holds 40 hours of audio)
  • 4GB (holds 80 hours of audio)
  • 8GB (holds 160 hours of audio)

Choose the device that works best for you – and for a limited time, save $10 off with the coupon code USBAUDIO.

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