Are GPS and Cell Phone Jammers Legal or Illegal?

Many customers come to us looking for cell phone or GPS jammer devices (a device that can look similar to the one to the right).

Jammers transmit low-power signals that disrupt cell phone and GPS signals by confusing these devices into thinking that there is no network connection or GPS satellite connection available. This process effectively render cell phones and GPS devices useless, as they constantly look for signals, but are unable to find any.

These devices may seem like they not pose any significant threat, but the truth is that these devices can be very dangerous, which is why they are illegal in the United States.

While they might seem particularly useful to prevent others from texting or talking on their phone at a movie theater, the reality is that they can be used for many more serious and devastating purposes.

Criminals can use GPS jammers to aid in their getaway from law enforcement. They could be used in hostage situations to prevent hostages from seeking help. Terrorists could even use them to disrupt communications during an attack.

Experts even fear that well-organized terrorists could use high-powered GPS jammers to interfere with civilian and military GPS signals that are vital to the operation of aircraft throughout the country.

The FCC actively pursues those who import, distribute, or use GPS or cell phone jammers, which is why you won’t find any of these devices sold on our website.

For those looking for a way to protect themselves from cell phone and GPS jammers, one legal alternative is a portable-noise generator, which generates a masking noise for a room so that a cell phone or audio bug cannot transmit your private conversations.

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