New Product Line Announcement: Buy TASER® Guns at SpygearGadgets

SpygearGadgets is pleased to announce that we are now an Authorized TASER Distributor.

TASER® Devices are known across the country for their effectiveness and are used by both law enforcement and civilians as a non-lethal form of personal protection.

For the consumer market, there are three TASER devices:

The TASER® C2™ is the basic TASER gun that offers all of the powerful takedown of law-enforcement grade devices, in a small and easy to carry style that is perfect for carrying in a purse or small bag.

It offers a laser sight that helps you aim the device, allowing a takedown of an aggressor from up to 15 feet away. It also offers a drive stun backup that allows you to use the device as a traditional stun-gun, if needed, as an extra backup protection.

The TASER® M26C™ is a very popular model that not only provides all the takedown power of the C2, but comes in a more intimidating form factor that resembles a traditional firearm. Not only does this help with aiming, but also provides a powerful deterrent to aggressors when they see it. It also includes a laser sight that allows you to aim with ease.

The top of the line TASER device is the TASER® X26C™ that mirrors the device carried and trusted by thousands of law enforcement officers around the country.

The X26C provides unprecedented take-down power, with adjustable stun durations that allow you to immobilize even the most aggressive individuals, even those on drugs or alcohol.

All of these three TASER® devices are available for purchase and shipping now. There are certain restrictions where these devices can be shipped however, due to certain state laws, so check the product pages for the latest information. Also be sure to check with your state and local jurisdictions to determine the legality of carrying a TASER® device in your area.


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