4G Wireless Hidden Cameras are Now Here!

Over the last few years, one of the most frequent requests we’ve gotten is to build a line of hidden cameras that can be streamed wirelessly over cellular data networks.

Until now, the cellular networks have not been able to handle the large amount of streaming data that would be needed to stream a live video signal, but with the recent expansion of the 4G wireless network, we are excited to announce our new line of 4G Wireless Hidden Cameras!

So what makes these cameras unique?

  • No internet connection needed – Video streamed wirelessly over 4G cellular network
  • View your live video from any internet-connected device (PC, Mac, Smartphone, etc)
  • Extremely portable – Take them anywhere in the country where there is 4G coverage
  • Battery powered – Never worry about having to plug it in for power
  • Made in the USA – Made with the highest quality components with pride right here in the USA

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