Problems Playing Your Hidden Camera Video? Try this Easy Trick.

Several times a week we get questions from customers regarding the playback from the video from their hidden camera, nanny cam, or spy camera.

The most common question goes something like this: “I double clicked on my video file, but when it opened, the screen was all black.” Other variations include:

  • “Windows Media Player cannot play back the file”
  • “I can hear the audio, but not see the video”
  • “My computer gives me an error when I try to open it”
  • “The video screen is all black!”

This problem commonly occurs when a computer hasn’t been updated with the latest video codecs. Video codecs are basically the computer’s way of interpreting the video, and knowing how to play the file back. Because hidden camera technology often uses cutting-edge video compression to get the best picture, this can sometimes mean that if you don’t update your computer regularly, your computer might have issues playing the files.

Luckily, there is an easy solution for this issue – and it works for both PC and Mac computers!

We recommend downloading VLC Media Player, which is a free downloadable media player that includes all of the latest video codecs pre-installed.

Downloading and installing VLC Media Player takes only a few minutes (make sure to use the link above – there are many unscrupulous sites that will try and trick you into paying for the software, or adding other unnecessary software to the download).


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