Easily Record Your Cell Phone Calls with the Bluetooth Call Recorder

Our latest addition to our collection of spy gadgets does something that no other device on the market can do – record every call on your iPhone, Blackberry, or Android phone!

That’s right – with the simple push of a button, this bluetooth device easily pairs with your smartphone (just like a bluetooth earpiece!) and allows you to record your entire conversation.

Whether you are a reporter, interviewer, small business owner, or even a business executive, this device is packed with features that make it unlike any other voice recorder on the market.

Bluetooth Capability

If you’ve ever had a bluetooth headset before, you know that all it takes is a few clicks to connect your earpiece to your phone. You can them make and receive calls directly from the headset!

This voice recorder works the same way. After you’ve paired the device, you plug the included headphones into the recorder, and then make your call on your phone as you normally would. When the call connects, you’ll simply speak into the embedded microphone on the device, and hear the call on the headphones.

The entire call will be recorded onto the internal memory, allowing you easily play it back on the embedded speaker, or you can copy it to your computer to save a copy.

But That’s Not All It Can Do!

In addition to recording all your cell phone calls, this device is packed with many other features that make it one of the most advanced recording devices available.

The Bluetooth Call Recorder and Digital Voice Recorder also works as a standard stand-alone voice and audio recording device that you can use to:

  • Record business meetings
  • Record lectures or seminars
  • Record interviews
  • and Much More

If all those features we’re enough, you can even copy your MP3 music and use the recorder as a portable MP3 player too.

The Bluetooth Call Recorder and Digital Voice Recorder is on sale now for only $125.

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