Just Introduced: The World’s Smallest Portable DVR and Hidden Camera

Let’s face it – portable DVRs are already small. The ones we carry are about the size of a deck of playing cards – that’s pretty small.

But sometimes you might need something even SMALLER, something maybe 1/3 of the size of one of our miniature DVRs. Whether you are a private investigator or detective and need it to carry on your person, or simply want to use it as a hidden camera in your home or business,  we’ve got the just the device:

The Professional Grade Micro Portable DVR:

At less than 3 inches tall, this tiny DVR recorder can easily fit into your shirt pocket, pants pocket, or anywhere you need to hide it!

Now the DVR itself is just the recording device (Digital Video Recorder), so it does need to be paired with one of our wide selection of wired cameras, including:

The video files are recorded to a micro SD card (16GB max) that is inserted into the device. To record, simply press the record button, or use the included wired remote.

Video playback is easy – play back your files on any PC or Mac computer by simply inserted the card into your card reader.

So whether you are a private investigator or just someone looking for the latest in spy equipment, the Professional Grade Micro DVR is a great miniature device for all your covert surveillance needs.

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