New Product Release: RecoverIT Forensic Data Recovery Software

Our latest addition to our line of forensic data recovery devices could be the most powerful software yet! The RecoverIT software combines the features in our iPhone Recovery Stick, Android Recovery Stick, Data Recovery Stick, and much more – all into one full-featured software.

With the RecoverIT software, you can:

  • Recover deleted text messages on your iPhone, Android, or Blackberry
  • Recover 25+ file types from your PC (images, office documents, and more)
  • Find deleted pictures and images on your PC
  • Find deleted pornographic images from internet browser cache
  • Securely delete or “shred” files to protect your privacy
  • Securely clean your browser cache to protect your browsing history
  • Recover chat logs from popular chat programs including Skype


Using the RecoverIT software is simple – just plug the USB flash drive into your PC’s USB port. Once you open the software, choose your desired recovery application. To recover data directly from your iPhone, Android phone, or Blackberry, connect your phone to your computer with it’s respective cable.

Create easy to read reports and save them to your computer with your recovered data.

For more information about the RecoverIT™ All in One Digital Forensic Data Recovery Software check out the product page. The RecoverIT is on sale for $179 and is available today.

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