New WiFi Internet Streaming Hidden Cameras Now Avaialble

We’ve been busy in 2013 bringing you over two dozen new products, and now we’re excited now to introduce a new line of easy to install WiFi Internet Streaming Hidden Cameras!

These new hidden cameras connect wirelessly to your WiFi network at your home or business, and allow you to stream live video through your internet connection, allowing you to view your live video from anywhere in the world!

Features and Benefits of Our New WiFi Cameras:

  • Stream to Any Internet-Connected Computer in the World
  • Stream to Your Phone or Tablet (iPhone, Android, iPad, etc)
  • Ability to Record Locally or Remotely
  • Motion Detection Email Alerts
  • Secure, Encrypted, and Password Protected Video
  • Add up to 9 Cameras on a Single Network
  • FREE Setup and Installation Support
  • Made in the USA

These WiFi hidden cameras are perfect for both home or business use – as they can easily connect to your existing wireless network. What makes these cameras even more convenient is that your computer does not need to be on to stream your video – unlike many internet-streaming cameras.

Internet Streaming cameras require slightly more setup than a self-recording hidden camera, but are still easy to set up, and takes less than 10 minutes. We provide step-by-step instructions, and if you have any questions, we have expert network specialists who can help you with the installation, and can even connect to your computer remotely and assist with the setup process.

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