In Depth Review: 720P HD Battery Pack Hidden Camera

HD Battery Pack Hidden Camera

Today we’ve released the Motion Activated 720P HD Portable Battery Pack Hidden Camera. This miniature spy camera looks exactly like a portable power bank used to charge USB devices, and can actually function as one if anyone takes a close look at it.  It records stunning 720P HD color video at the push of a button.

Product Features and Benefits:
  • Up to 10 Hour battery life on a single charge
  • Can be hidden anywhere right in plain sight
  • Records to Micro SD up to 32GB capacity
  • Records beautiful 720P HD color video
  • Works as a functional battery pack too
Device Setup:

What makes the Portable Battery Pack Hidden Camera so nice is that there isn’t complicated setup or configuration needed to get the device up and running.

When you open the box, you’ll see the following items inside:

Power Pack Accessories

The first thing you want to do is charge the battery pack using the included cable. Do to this, connect the Mini USB Adapter to the Dual Purpose USB Cable. Then plug the Mini USB end of the cable to the Battery Pack Hidden Camera device, and plug the other end into your computer’s USB port.

For your convenience, we also include a standard wall outlet charger. To charge via a wall outlet, connect the Mini USB Adapter to the Dual Purpose USB Cable as mentioned above, and then plug the full size USB end into the wall charger, and then plug into any standard wall outlet.

Expert Tip: Because a wall outlet provides more power than a computer’s USB port, the device will charge faster using the wall charger than using your computer.

While the device is charging, the LED indicator light will be solid green. When it is fully charged, the green light will go out.

Next, insert a micro SD card into the card slot on the side of the device. The camera supports up to a 32GB micro SD card, which can store approximately 9-10 hours of recordings. The card only goes in one way, so make sure when you’re inserting the card into the slot that you don’t force it, and the camera will “snap” it into place. See picture to the right for the proper direction to insert the card.

Once you charge the device and insert a memory card, you’re ready to record!

Recording Video:

When you’re ready to start recording video, make sure you’ve charged the camera as well as inserted a memory card. To record video in manual mode, follow these steps:

  1. Press the Power Button once to turn on the device.
    (LED will be solid blue and the device is now in Standby Mode)
  2. Next, press the Power Button once again.
    (LED will slowly flash blue 3 times and go out. Camera is recording).
  3. To stop recording, press the Power Button again.
    (This will save the current video, and return to Standby Mode)

This camera can also record in motion-detection mode. While motion-detection mode doesn’t extend the battery life, it does have the major benefit of saving you from having to go through hours of footage where nothing is happening.

To record in motion detection mode, follow these steps:

  1. Press the Power Button once to turn on the device
    (The LED will be solid blue and the device is now in Standby Mode)
  2. Next, press the Power Button 4 times.
    (Red and blue indicators will both flash 3 times and go out).
  3. When motion is detected, camera will automatically start recording.
    (This will save the current video, and return to Standby Mode)
  4. To return to Standby Mode, press the power button once.
Viewing Your Recorded Videos:

There are two quick and easy ways to view your recorded videos from your HD Mini Battery Pack Hidden Camera:

Connect the Device Directly to Your Computer:

First, make sure the memory card is still inserted into the device, and that the device is powered on and in Standby Mode (solid blue LED). Next, connect the mini USB connector to the camera, and insert the full size USB connector into your computer’s USB port.

This should pop up a dialog box that looks like this:

Removable Disk Icon

If the dialog box doesn’t pop up automatically, click on Start > My Computer > Removable Disk, and click on the removable disk icon:

Removable Disk


Once you’ve opened the drive, click on the DCIM folder, and then click on the video file you want to play.

An alternative way to view your recorded videos is to remove the micro SD card and insert it into either your computer’s SD card slot (if equipped) or into an optional USB SD card reader (pictured below). This allows you to view the contents of your memory card just like any standard flash drive.

Product Summary:

If you’re looking for a miniature hidden camera that won’t break the bank, the 720P HD Battery Pack Hidden Camera is one of the best cameras you’ll fine. Because it can hide in plain sight, it makes the perfect spy camera for both home or business use, and the video quality is unmatched by many cameras at even 2-3 times the price. And because it can even work as a battery pack to charge your favorite USB devices (and your iPhone), no one will suspect that it’s actually a camera.

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