New Product Release: 720P HD Mini Spy Video and Voice Recorder

Today we are excited to announce the latest addition to our product line, the 720P HD Mini Spy Video and Voice Recorder. At only 3.9″ tall, this device may be tiny, but it is packed with dozens of features, making it a full featured all in one recording device perfect for home or business use:

720P HD Mini Spy Video and Voice Recorders

Product Highlights:
  • Records 720P High Definition Color Video
  • Takes Still Photos Up to 8MB (3264×2448)
  • Audio-Only Recording Capability
  • LCD Touch Screen
Product Setup and Operation:

The Mini Spy Video and Voice Recorder is simple to use, and it’s interface is simple to use if you’re familiar with most smartphone’s on screen menus.

Startup Screen

When you turn on the device, you’ll see the startup screen shown on the right:

From this main screen, you can select which mode that you want to use. Since this is a touch screen device, simply tap on the feature you want to use.

Video” will take you to the video recording function. “Photo” will take you to the still photo mode. “Record” will take you to the audio-only recording mode. “Music” will take you to the music screen where you can play MP3 music via the built in speaker. Finally, the “Set” menu option will take you to the general settings. Using the “Set” menu will allow you to adjust the device language, time and date settings, storage directory, and the power auto-off duration.

The most important settings here is probably adjusting the storage directory. Since the device has both 4GB of internal memory, and a card slot for a micro SD card, this setting allows you to change where you want your files saved. If your files are saved to “local storage”, it means you’ll be saving them to the internal memory. To view your videos or other files saved on internal memory, you’ll have to either view them on the screen (or listen to them with the internal speaker), or transfer them to your computer via the included USB cable.

For more flexibility, we recommend using a micro SD card (the device accepts up to a 32GB card), as this allows you to store much more data on it, and makes it easier to transfer to a computer (simply pop out the memory card and insert it into your computer).

Setting the Time and Date Stamp:

Time and Date StampOnce you’ve got the storage directory determined, we recommend then adjusting the current time and date stamp by going Set > Time Settings.

You can then use the >> and << buttons on the device to scroll between the various time and date settings, and use the – and + keys to set the date and time.

Once you’ve got the time and date stamp current, click the Play/Stop button to save the time and return to the previous menu.

Video Recording:

As mentioned earlier, from the main menu, you can choose between Video, Photo, and Audio recording modes. Click on the Video Mode to go to the main video recording screen, and when you do this, you’ll see a “live view” of what the camera sees. Simply press the red Record button to start recording. The timer in the top left will start counting.

Video Recording Mode

To stop recording, press the Record button again, and the device will save the current file, and return to standby mode. While in this standby mode, you can press the “M” button on the keypad to adjust 3 different video recording options:

  • Video Size (HD 1280×720 or VGA 640×480)
  • Recording Time Stamp (On or Off)
  • Detection Mode (Audio Triggered Video Recording – On or Off)

To view your recorded videos, you can either transfer them to your computer, or watch them right on your screen. To watch them on the LCD screen, press the Play/Stop button to view a list of videos, use the << and >> buttons to select a video play, and press the Play/Stop button again to view.

Taking Still Photos:

To take a still photo, return to the main menu, and press on the Photo icon. You’ll then see the same “live view” of whatever the camera sees. Aim the camera, and press the Record button to snap a photo. Press the “M” button to adjust the Photo settings, including photo resolution, time/date stamp, as well as photo capture sound.

To view your photos on the screen, press the Play/Stop button to view the photo list, and then press the button again to view each individual picture. You can of course view all of these photos on your PC or Mac computer as well.

Recording Audio Only:

Audio Recording

If you want to use the device as an audio-only voice recorder, return to the main menu and press the Microphone icon. It will take you to the screen pictured here:

Press the black square/circle icon on the screen to start recording. The timer will start counting as the audio records. To stop recording, press the on screen record button.

To listen to your recordings, press the Play/Stop button on the keypad. Use the << and >> to scroll through the list of recordings, and press the Play/Stop button on the individual recording to listen to them on the embedded speaker.


As you can see, this mini recorder is packed with features, and at a cost of only $125 is a great bargain too. View the product page here for more information, or contact one of our product advisors if you have any questions.

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