Upgrade to Our Popular USB Flash Drive Audio Recorder is Now Here!

Over the last few years, our top selling voice recorder has been a device that looks like a USB flash drive, but features a built in microphone and internal battery, allowing for up to 25 days of operation on a single charge.

Brand new for 2016, we’re excited to introduce the updated model of this recorder, the all new upgraded Professional Grade Voice Activated USB Flash Drive Audio Recorder with Long Life Battery (Model VR95):

Voice Recorder Flash Drive

We’ve taken the best features from the previous model, and integrated into this new version, and added several new features, making it the most powerful covert recorder on the market!

Using this spy audio recorder is simple. It’s powered by an internal rechargeable battery, so you can take it and place it wherever you need it. Just charge it via your computer’s USB port (or optional wall charger or car charger), and when you’re ready to record, slide the dial on the end of the device to your desired recording mode.

You can choose between either voice activated or continuous recording modes, giving you the ability to get the perfect recording mode for any situation.

With the VR95, you can easily record meetings, lectures, presentations, or just take audio notes on the go.

Check out the features:

VR95 Features:


Dual Recording Modes – Just like it’s predecessor, the VR95 can record in both continuous recording mode, as well as voice activated mode. In continuous recording mode, the device will record continuously until either the battery is exhausted or it is turned off.

Up to 25 Day Standby Battery Life – Also like the previous version, the VR95 can get up to 25 days of standby battery life in voice activation mode – the longest of any flash drive recorder on the market!

Records While Plugged In – If you don’t want to worry about battery life, no problem! The VR95 audio recorder can also record while it is plugged into a power source, such as  your computer’s USB port, or a USB wall charger.

**NEW** Up to 24 Hours Continuous Recording – The VR95 extends the battery life from 15 to up to 24 hours of continuous recording, a more than 50% increase in battery life!

**NEW** Matte Black Style – Previously we offered both a white and dark grey style for the flash drive – and due to popular request, the VR95 comes in a matte black finish, making it blend in even better, and look even more like traditional style USB flash drives.

**NEW** Time/Date Stamp Capability – This is by far the most frequently requested feature, and now it’s here! Included with the recorder is a time setting app, which allows you to quickly set the date/time for the recordings, so you’ll always know when your audio files are recorded. Perfect for evidence and record keeping.

As you can see from the features above, the VR95 is packed with features, and at only $89.00, this affordable audio recorder is perfect for any situation – home or business.

Check it out and learn more at the product page:



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