SpygearGadgets Exclusive New 1080P HD Miniature Black Box Hidden Camera

Today we’re featuring a recent hot new release that you’ll only find at SpygearGadgets, the 1080P HD Professional Grade Mini Black Box Hidden Camera (Model SG-HC450):HD Black Box Hidden CameraAt only 2.3″ x 3.8″ x 0.8″ small, we’ve designed the 1080P HD Black Box DIY Hidden Camera to be able to fit into any covert video surveillance situation. It’s simple black box design allows you to either leave it out in plain sight, or to hide it inside an ordinary object like a box or a plant.

The HD Black Box Camera is available in both self-recording version that records to a memory card, and a WiFi streaming version, which will stream live HD video directly to your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Both the self-recording and WiFi models feature a high capacity internal rechargeable battery, allowing you to place the camera anywhere you need it. The battery can get up to 7-8 hours of recording or streaming. For longer term use, you can leave the camera plugged into AC power for round-the-clock surveillance.

In addition to providing crystal clear video and audio, the camera also offers many different customizable settings such as dual recording modes (motion activated or continuous), a time/date stamp, adjustable video quality, and auto loop recording.

Because of it’s small size, the possibilities for hiding this camera are almost endless:


So whether you’re looking for a hidden camera to monitor your home, office, babysitter, nanny, car, warehouse, or just to catch a cheater, check out the new 1080P HD Black Box Hidden Camera by SpygearGadgets.

Now available in both a self recording model and WiFi streaming model starting at $125.



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